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Residential Services

Special Items

There are items not considered as normal household garbage and may require an extra charge for disposal.  Brick, concrete, tile, shingles, pallets, drywall, construction debris, large carpet piles, appliances, tires, batteries, waste oil, liquid paint, large brush or branch piles, multiple bags of leaves (during the months of Dec, Jan, Feb & Mar), multiple items of furniture, hide-a-beds, large wood piles or large junk piles.  Please call our office to arrange for pick-up of these items.  Other items requiring special handling: used insulin needles should be placed in empty plastic bottles or containers with tight fitting lids.

Garbage Collection Choices


Garbage pickup (at the curb) – includes residential toter for your household waste, brush, tree trimmings, weeds and garden waste.


Garbage pickup (at the curb) – includes residential toter for your household waste, brush, tree trimmings, weeds and garden waste.


Paragon Sanitation, Inc., is now offering RECYCLING. Weekly pickups and no sorting required. All items recycled must be clean.

Yard Waste Collection

There are several choices for lawn waste collection which are described in detail in the lawn waste section.  Separate lawn waste collection is a voluntary program. You must contact our office to sign up for this service.  Yard waste & household garbage cannot be mixed from April 1st thru November 30th.

REMEMBER: Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard can no longer be accepted with household garbage. We offer several options for commercial and residential cardboard recycling. Please call office for more details.

Sign Up for a Service Today

Paragon Sanitation, Inc., provides clean, efficient, and economical garbage and recycling removal services designed to meet the needs of our customers. To sign up today just click below and fill out our Service Request Form!

Tips for a better service

  • Always set your two-wheel toter out to the curb by 6:00 AM.
  • Set your toter within 3 feet of the curb.
  • Please wash your toter with soap and water to keep them odor free.
  • Items that cannot be placed in the toter should be set alongside of the toter at the curb.

“Customer for 7 years and very happy with my service from Paragon. Would definitely recommend!”

Our Other Services


We know how important the appearance of your business is and we work hard to keep the areas neat, safe and clean.


We provide weekly recycling clean-up! No sorting is required and Paragon will haul waste to a facility to be handled properly.

Yard Waste

We encourage you to recycle yard waste! We will make special pick-ups of grass and leaves if you sign up before April 1st.


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