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Commercial Services

Commercial Container Services

Customer Driven

We specialize in neat clean service areas.  We know how important the appearance of your business is and we work hard to keep the service areas neat, safe and clean.

We Offer...

  • The size of containers you need
  • Pick-up on the days you need
  • We don’t oversize your containers
  • We don’t charge you for empty air space
  • We don’t pick you up more than you need
  • Increase and decrease your service as needed
  • In addition, we can make special pickups on call.

Sign Up for a Service Today

Paragon Sanitation, Inc., provides clean, efficient, and economical garbage and recycling removal services designed to meet the needs of our customers. To sign up today just click below and fill out our Service Request Form!

Wonderful company. Great customer service.

Our Other Services


Paragon wants your home to always look its best, and we strive to provide you with options and our toters for clean living.


We provide weekly recycling clean-up! No sorting is required and Paragon will haul waste to a facility to be handled properly.

Yard Waste

We encourage you to recycle yard waste! We will make special pick-ups of grass and leaves if you sign up before April 1st.


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