Important Notice

Dear Valued Customer, 

As you are aware, fuel prices have risen dramatically over the past few months. We have tried to absorb these increases as much as possible in the hopes that fuel prices would stabilize. Unfortunately, as prices have continued to rise we are forced to implement a temporary fuel surcharge to combat these increases. This surcharge is not something we take lightly but it is necessary given the current economic environment and it will be removed or reduced as fuel prices decrease. 

At this time you will see a separate line item on your bill listing the fuel surcharge. Please let us now if you have any questions regarding this matter. We value your business and thank you for your understanding.

Paragon Sanitation Inc. and Recycling
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We send statements by mail every month.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Automatic monthly credit card payment is also available.

Electronic Payment

Electronic payment is also very easy to do.  Just send us a voided check and no more hassles. At the first of each month your account will be charged for the previous month's service.

Pay Online

Paragon offers two online payment methods. You can submit your Payment through PayPal using the Pay Now option below. Or you can head to and submit your online monthly payment through the Trash Billing portal. Please note to have your Customer ID# ready to gain access to your account. 

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Please visit our online Q&A page to help answer any common questions. If you have a question about billing or payment options feel free to Contact Us

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