Common Questions

When Does Yard Waste Season Start & Stop?
Yard waste season is April 1st through November 30th. December 1st through March 31st you can put yard waste out with your normal household waste.

What is Considered Yard Waste?
Yard waste is grass clippings, leaves and pine needles.  All garden waste, branches, and bush trimmings can be included with your household garbage.

Do Branches Need to Be Bundled?
No.  It is helpful if they are bundled but it is not required.  Branches do need to be cut into approximate 4-5' lengths and stacked in manageable piles at the curb.  Some branch piles may require prior notification of our office and may require an extra hauling fee. 

What is a Toter?
Toters are large 90 gallon garbage cans that are provided by Paragon. They are equivalent to (3) standard 30 gallon trash cans or 90 gallons. The benefit of a toter is that they have wheels for easy moving, a hinged lid, and are large enough for an average week's worth of garbage. 

Can I Use Plastic Bags For Yard Waste?
No.  Plastic bags of yard waste are not accepted at the city landfill's compost site during the yard waste season which is April 1st through November 30th. 

Can I Use My Toter for Yard Waste & Trash?
Yes, you can use toters for both services. Please make sure garbage and yard waste are not mixed in the same toter during the months of April through November.  You must be signed up for yard waste removal April through November to have yard waste picked up.

Do You Take Appliances?
Yes, we can pick-up all appliances. There will be an extra charge applied for each appliance we pick-up.  You must call our office to arrange for their removal. 

Do You Haul Furniture &/or Carpet?
Yes, there may be an extra charge applied for large carpet piles and/or multiple pieces of furniture. The size of the carpet pile will determine the amount charged. Please be sure all carpet is cut into manageable lengths.  Multiple pieces of furniture or heavy hide-beds and recliners will be assessed an extra charge. 

What Time Does My Garbage Need to Be at the Curb?
Please have your garbage at the curb by 6:00 a.m. the day of your pick-up or set it out the night before.

What Holidays Do You Work?
We work all holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. You will be notified by mail before a holiday of any change of service day.

What Types of Payment Do You Except?
We offer credit cards, auto-pay, or check. If you are interested in auto pay, please contact us for a form. Auto-pay is very easy to do, just send us a voided check and we will take care of the rest.  No more monthly check writing.  On the 6th of each month your checking account will be charged for the previous month's service.

Can I Put Corrugated Cardboard in the Garbage?
Corrugated cardboard can no longer be accepted with household garbage. We offer several options for commercial and residential cardboard recycling. Please call office for more details.

How Long Will the Temporary Fuel Surcharge Be Implemented - 2022
This temporary surcharge is not something we take lightly but unfortunately it is necessary given the current economic environment, and it will be removed or reduced as soon as fuel prices decrease. Click Here for our full statement or feel free to call the office for more details. 

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