Yard & Lawn Waste Collection

Spring and Full-Season lawn waste collection starts April 1st!

Be sure to get signed up before April 1st. 

Remember, yard waste and garbage cannot be mixed together April 1st through November 30th.

Lawn Waste Collection:

  • Lawn waste is banned from the landfill in Lincoln between April 1st and November 30th.  It must be delivered to the city compost pile.  It cannot be mixed with your household garbage.  Lawn waste includes grass, leaves, and pine needles.  (If lawn waste and garbage are mixed, the city of Lincoln can fine you $50.00).  We encourage you to recycle your grass and leaves through mulching or composting.  However, if you prefer to have your grass and leaves collected by Paragon,  we will be making special pick-ups of grass and leaves which will then be hauled to the city compost pile.

Lawn Waste Collection Choices:

  • Full season lawn waste collection - April 1st - November 30th.  Once per week pick-up of yard waste. We provide a separate 90 gallon two wheel toter for your lawn waste at no additional charge. 
  • Fall Leaf Collection - Begins October 1st - November 30th.  Once per week pick-up of grass, leaves, pine needles and other lawn waste.  This service is designed for those who do not need full season lawn waste collection, but will need to have grass, leaves and other yard debris collected in the fall.  Two-wheel toters are not provided for this service.  However, you may use paper lawn bags and reusable containers. 
  • Spring Clean-Up - April 1st - April 30th.  Once per week pickup of lawn waste during the month of April.  This service is also designed for those who do not need full season lawn waste collection but may need a month in the spring to clean up any remaining leaves and other lawn waste.  
  • One-Time Pick-ups.  We can arrange to do a one-time yard waste pick-up if you find you need grass and/or leaves picked up and are not signed up for any of the above listed yard waste choices.  Charges will be assessed based on volume and weight of the yard waste we pick-up.

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